Forest Project

How can you imagine a garden in an asphalt desert, where organic life is impenetrable? Forest project is an inorganic, imaginative, and mobile forest on the parking lot at Bellerive-Plage. The fictional oasis reconfigures the sterile parking surface, provoking new frictions, and dialogues.

Construction marker
Construction marker is commonly used in Switzerland to mark out the silhouette of planned buildings and informs the public about a planned building endeavor. During the period, the markers invite people to inform themselves and engage the citizens into the city planning decision making process.

Migrating trees
The movement of plants and people has been intertwined for thousands of years. Man-made climate change is altering established eco-zones. In the future, exotic trees will populate our cities and forests. A group of trees is mounted on wheels, allowing visitors to move them across sealed surfaces. Trees and people move in parallel.

Price: 1,034 CHF, H mB/Co

Concept: dorsa
Construction: Richard & Fils Échafaudages SA
In kind suppport from: LausanneJardins24
Special thanks: Xuehan Li, Lewis Horkulak

Rosengartenstrasse 1, 8037
Zurich, Switzerland
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