Abies cephalonica
Sapin de céphalonie

Abies cephalonica, commonly known as the Greek fir, is a coniferous tree native to the mountains of Greece, particularly in the Peloponnese and central regions. This evergreen tree is notable for its dense, pyramid-shaped form, dark green, glossy needles, and robust nature. It typically reaches heights of 25-30 meters and is prized for its ornamental value and durable timber.

The Greek fir was introduced to Western Europe in the mid-19th century. The first significant European cultivation outside its native range occurred in England, where it was planted in botanical gardens and arboretums. Its adaptability to cooler climates and attractive appearance quickly made it a popular choice for parklands and large estates.

Today, Abies cephalonica is appreciated in European horticulture for its resilience to cold, wind, and various soil conditions. Its historical introduction to Europe and ongoing use in landscaping highlight its enduring appeal and versatility as an ornamental and functional tree.

Migration route of Abies Cephalonica

Occurrence: Greece and Macedonia
Distribution in Switzerland: None
Color: Green
Maximum Height: 30 meters
Annual Growth: 10-80 cm/year
Root: Taproot
Soil: Rocky, poor in humus
Winter Hardiness Zone: 6
Price: 2,180 CHF, mB/Co 300-350

Price: 1,034 CHF, H mB/Co StU 16

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